Discussion: The Gospel and Our Eating

Greetings Cornerstone,

It was a major encouragement to have Mike Goheen with us this past Sunday. If you were not there, we would encourage you to listen to the podcast. Also, if you have not read any or all of Mike’s books, we would encourage you to do so (The Drama of Scripture; A Light to the Nations; Living at the Crossroads). In addition, we plan to have the audio to the weekend conference he taught available soon.

Because the opportunity to have Mike teach this weekend came to us at the last minute, we postponed the second half of our “The Gospel in Our Eating” discussion until this coming weekend. If you were there, you will remember that we talked about how we as a believing community must be displaying “Jesus Is Lord” in every aspect of our daily living. A week ago Sunday we left you with a few questions to consider:

  • WHAT are you doing with your meal times? Are you making Jesus central in your meal times? How are you doing so?
  • WHO are you eating with during your meal times? See Acts 2:42, 46; 20:7; Consider Luke 14:12-24.
  • HOW much are you eating during your meal times? We live in a consumer culture. Do you think there’s any chance we should consume less and share more – in light of the great need around the world? How are you doing so?
  • WHERE are you eating your meals? Do you eat regularly with the community of people you are living on mission with? Do you eat regularly with the people you are seeking to advance the mission of God with?

We will pick-up from here this coming Sunday. If you have not listened to the message from 10/21, make sure to do so before our gathering this week.  You can find iton our website here.

Please let us know if you have any questions!  Also, feel free to comment below on how you are allowing the gospel to transform your daily rhythms and activities.

Have a great week!

Doug and Luis